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Always be Hiring

Todays climate is challenging. We realize you always need to have the process open no matter what. Recruiting can
always be about timing.

Time is Money

As an entrepreneur we want you to focus on the things that you enjoy in your business. Let us do the things we love which is always challenging ourselves to improve
your hiring experience.

Time to be Different!

In today’s market candidates have more options more than ever and we want to make sure you stand out improving our opportunity to close on your next key employee.

Why candidates love working with us

Ken Bergsma,

Operations Manager
Ontario Stone Supply

Working with Jake has always been a great experience. His honesty and humility allow him to work well with others. He took the time to learn about who I am and lined me up with a career path that fits my skill set. I have also been using his team to recruit fellow team members, and I have found them to be very professional in how they approach their work. They took the time to discuss our company’s specific needs and successfully helped us find suitable candidates for our team at Ontario Stone Supply. I highly recommend Jake and his team for your recruiting and personnel needs.

Hiring Pain

The market is very challenged and indicators are showing that this is not going away. There is a responsibility as an owner to focus on being different. Sometimes this goes against how we believe hiring has been done in the past but the reality is that we always need to adapt. Where do you want to spend your time? Managing from an Arial view or in the weeds where you most likely will be met with frustration?

Make the right choice.

Our Solution

At Workz recruiting we work with great people that we found through our unique process. We can count on our small, trustworthy team to sift through the bad and find the good, and so can you. Leverage our team of experts and our refined recruiting process to stay on the lookout for people with the skills and ambition you need to fill your business needs. Our process not only finds great employees but saves you time and money on replacing and training new people.


Why our clients choose to work with us

Connor Slinger,

Owner Slinger Solutions

We have worked with WORKZ for the last several years. We struggled with hiring, finding suitable candidates, and having proper paperwork and onboarding processes. WORKZ has bridged that gap by providing A-Team people and helping correctly onboard them. They manage the entire process from start to finish, vetting candidates to ensure they are qualified and providing me with a phone interview to review their answers. From there, they set up interviews and follow-ups. They have made the process streamlined and easy, thus allowing me to focus on running my business rather than dealing with the hiring process. I highly recommend their services.

Frequently asked questions

Quite honestly it is about time and resources. When you start a business it is because you have passion for what you are doing and not recruiting.
Conventional recruiters will guarantee for a fee of around 30% of the base salary. We look at this approach for small to medium sized business and suggest a 12 month contract to find more candidates year round and always be fishing. We guarantee that we will run the recruitment process to our standards and as always with recruiting focus on striking iron while it is hot.
Retainer based is a long game that would give you the mindset of wanting to shift your hiring process over to Workz.
We would manage the whole process and you would pay a monthly retainer plus the advertising that took place that month. We would set up for a longer term contract so we could understand your business and deliver candidates.
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