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Are you tired of hearing people don’t want to work or
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Finding talent for those hard to fill positions

The demand for labour market workers is high and yet there are very few workers available, making the market extremely competitive and difficult to manage. Workz helps companies find international talent for labour openings. We offer recruiting services, specialized in finding qualified foreign candidates to join your workforce. Stop overpaying for
entry level labour positions.


Why our clients choose to work with us

Matt Wieske,

Operations Manager
Partridge Fine Landscapes

With how tough the labour market has been for so many years, foreign recruitment was something we always wanted to do, we just didn’t know where to start. As the experts, Workz took charge of the process and answered all our questions. They took care of the paperwork and headaches so we could maintain our focus on what we do best. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to add dependable and hard-working staff to their team.

Frequently asked questions

When we recruit at Workz we want to win. The reality is the market is lacking people who would like to get their hands dirty and do the work. We could have just left it at that but we wanted to focus on getting results for you and thinking outside the box. WORKZ has a group of resources that facilitates the whole process. From finding the candidates to booking the flights to find a place for them to live. We realize the pain of the market and we want to stand by our clients.
Like most things it is all about supply and demand. We realize that there is such little supply and as such creating non-productive decisions in an attempt to retain staff. This is frustrating as an owner and seems like sometimes you are doing things to retain your staff that your values don’t align with. This breaks that line of thinking and action and allows for a different result.
This is a great question. After 1 year of service they can apply for permanent residency and you can start to build a group of staff again. This is what most of our clients are after.
WORKZ logistics will deal with all of these questions. We believe in being full circle so that is why we have set this up so that our clients can be assured all the dots are connected in this process.

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