At Workz we want to scale our recruitment locally and in foreign recruitment marketing. We hope to become the brand that businesses rely on for
staffing solutions.



We operate with high integrity and we want to work with others whether it be candidates, clients or partners in a way that demonstrates honesty and transparency. We are not going to cut corners.

Serving Hearts

Our Christian value system shows we are followers of Christ. We need to show by example our willingness to serve in all situations.


At Workz we want to be generous in giving of our times, talents and treasures. This value is important and would like to be known for our involvement in our community and love towards others.


In recruiting we are going to deal with hurdles. We need to demonstrate our ability to coming up with additional ways to provide value and different strategies towards success.


At Workz we value excellent communication. Communication must remain constant in the best of times, and it is especially important when we navigate challenges.

Our Team

Jake Dejong


Workz recruiting is such a great place to be. While the market is challenging, we recognize the value of good people and time. I started my business with the mindset of challenging ourselves to serve with a humble heart. I graduated McMaster University with a BA and continued with an HR Diploma at Mac. My beautiful wife and five wonderful children keep me busy and motivated
to push the boundaries.

Rodney Koning


Our team at Workz recruiting strives each day to make positive changes in the lives of the people and businesses we serve. Having worked in management for over 25 years, I have experienced firsthand the importance of finding qualified people to be part of a successful team. We are committed to serving our clients with integrity, honesty, and transparency. I am blessed with a beautiful wife, five children and
seven grandchildren.

Logan Ludwig


At Workz I have the privilege of supporting our team and ensuring we maintain a great partnership with our clients. I enjoy being able to work with clients through our process from start to finish and learning new things along the way. I have a background in Graphic Design and I love to communicate information to staff and clients in a visually appealing and organized way. I am grateful for my wife and two children who
motivate me in my task.

Christina Strating


I currently work as a recruiter at Workz, where I review applicants by looking over their resumes and choosing the ones that are qualified for the job. I have over 20 years of experience in customer service & administration, as well as, 5 years of experience in sales. I help make it easier for our customers to find the best candidate to fill their open positions. I’m thankful to be blessed with a
beautiful 22 year old son.

Frequently asked questions

Workz was started because the need for hiring good staff has been an issue now more than ever. Where some will continue to talk about the issue we will always focus on pushing towards solutions for our clients. Another reason we are in business is because we believe we want to serve to the best of our ability. We have been blessed with the gifts to do so and we are excited to get up every day and focus on that service!
We focus on the long term journey with our clients. We don’t look for revolving door recruiting where we can keep replacing but we look for long term solutions that solve bottom line issues. If you grow we grow and that is how we look at it.
They sure do and that is why we are committed to being compassed by our values. We are not going to re-use the same candidates over and over. We believe in trying to achieve lasting hires that bring good value and contribute to your culture.
My mentor once said “Volume is vanity and profit is sanity” and we would like to subscribe to this. We want to grow as a company with our clients. We will push growth in a way that is intentional and calculated while being compassed by our values.
We welcome all sized businesses but our intentional focus is a result of understanding balance and time. When you start a business you are focused on developing the best product. We want your innovation and energy to be focused on that product and we will support you with the team to do it.
We want great clients who understand the value of time and effort. If Workz is working to mine out the candidates we need to be able to match those candidates with an energy that welcomes them in. We also are looking to partner with collaborative clients that will work through the challenges of hiring as a team.
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