Who is Workz Recruiting?

Workz Recruiting is a dynamic Hamilton based recruiting agency that has unparalleled capability in matching top talents to great positions. They provide detailed candidates along with a proven track record which makes the hiring process faster, easier, and more effective than any other conventional employment technique.

The History of Workz Recruiting

Founded in 2021, Workz Recruiting recognized a gap in the employment sector and a key detail in growing a business — finding the right people to fill these roles. 

Workz exists to serve a key function in the hiring process: saving businesses time by sourcing, screening, conducting interviews, and preparing a shortlist of candidates ready for a final interview. 

The Vision

Workz Recruiting’s vision is to embark on the long-term journey with their clients to become the recruiting agency businesses rely on. Workz follows their beliefs and views partnerships as “if you grow, we grow”, which has led them to success these past few years. 

Workz operates with the highest integrity, whether it be candidates, clients or partners, Workz demonstrates honesty, loyalty and transparency with everyone that they work with. On top of being an agency well-known for their trust and honesty, Workz also follows a Christian value system which means they lead by example with their willingness to serve in all situations, at all times. 

Additionally, Workz understands that in recruiting, they may approach difficulties and hurdles. That’s why Workz demonstrates their ability to come up with additional ways to provide value and alternative strategies towards success, no questions asked. 

Workz Recruiting Services

Workz Recruiting has access to various pools of highly skilled talent ready for a new employment opportunity. From hiring projects and executive recruitment to retainer-based hiring and foreign recruitment, Workz covers just about every hiring method your business may need.

Retainer-Based Hiring

Retainer-based hiring is a great way for entrepreneurs to focus on growing their business while Workz takes care of the long-term recruiting to continuously build your team. Today’s climate is challenging and Workz realizes that you need to have a solid process available as recruiting can be about timing and finding the right candidate.  

Workz also acknowledges that running a business should be enjoyable, and they want you to focus on the things that you’re good at – which is why Workz offers their services, because recruiting is what they love!

Hiring Projects

Workz assists employers throughout Canada with their permanent, temporary, and contract hiring needs. Whether you are interested in hiring one individual, or an entire team, Workz’s hiring process is fast, efficient, and cost effective, helping your company fill specific job openings, at any time. 

Executive Recruitment

Workz focuses on debriefing with your current team to assess what is needed to achieve the company’s goals. Workz centres their attention on hiring the right leaders for your team that can initiate change and move your business forward. 

They use targeted executive research on what they call their “recruitment strategy”. This is where they find their passive and active candidates and execute according to their game plan. On top of their combined experience and leadership, Workz specializes in collaborating with you to identify and attract world class employees, suitable for each role. 

Foreign Recruitment

Workz connects foreign talent with local opportunities without the headache. After a careful analysis of your company’s labour market needs and requirements, Workz selects the best international candidates to support your business and contribute to its success, long-term. Following similar values, Workz seeks candidates who are honest, loyal, confident, and whose primary goal is to establish themselves in Southern Ontario.

Workz accompanies your business throughout the entire process, they answer any questions the candidates may have and they also handle the paperwork once you’re happy with the chosen candidate. 

How Workz Recruiting Can Help

Recruiting top-quality candidates is truly what Workz Recruiting loves to do. They write compelling job advertisements to maximize the number of applicants who apply and effectively screen applicants to find the strongest and most suited individuals for your specific role. More importantly, Workz Recruiting works to fit your hiring needs and their main goal is to find your business a candidate whose talent matches your requirements. 

If you’re looking to save time, energy and to fill your open roles with qualified candidates, we would love to hear from you! It’s time to make your business grow to the success it should be, together.

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