Recruitment & Staffing

Most recruiting companies provide a very transactional solution: they charge a percentage of salary (often upwards of 20-30%) and provide a single candidate to fill the role. This gives you, the client, no say in who joins your organization and no visibility into the talent pool in your sector.

Instead of operating under the status quo, Workz seeks to act as a partner in the hiring process, not just as a vendor. We recognize that cultural fit is a key success factor in new hires, and provide a shortlist of candidates instead of one “warm body”. Our reporting is diligent, and includes notes on the job search as well as the shortlisted candidates.

And, with a flat-fee pricing structure, the simplicity of our model makes us more cost-efficient than other recruitment agencies.



The best-performing job descriptions provide candidates with information about the role itself, the qualifications required, and the company culture. Workz has in-house copywriting talent that will make your job posting stand out from the rest, helping you to attract high-quality candidates.


Once a job description is created, Workz will take care of posting it on all major job boards. We are also actively investing in LinkedIn and Facebook to reach applicant pools beyond job boards, as well as building talent pipelines to proactively respond to our client’s needs.


Workz has in-house placement specialists that spend time with each candidate to evaluate their fitness for the role. We disqualify the candidates that aren’t a potential fit, rank the candidates that are, and settle on candidates that would be best-suited for a final interview with your team.


What you receive from us at the end of this process is a tidy package with information on each shortlisted candidate, their résumés for review, and additional data on the candidate search: how many applied, how many were disqualified, and the general quality of the candidate pool.


Instead of charging a percentage of salary, we have three service packages that fulfill different needs, depending on the complexity and seniority of the hire.